A process whereby TMX3 meet with key factory personnel in order to explain our operating procedures and to understand the clients quality standards/requirements

TMX3 will randomly inspect products during sewing and packaging inline processes to help provide information to production and quality teams to enable them to correct issues before final inspection is conducted in the aim to reduce / avoid any major issues and shipping delays.

All Final Audits will be done using the agreed AQL set for each client – goods will be randomly selected by TMX3 and taken to the approved inspection room.

TMX3 inspects samples prior to being sent to the buyer and all paperwork will be included in the pack with TMX3 tags attached to each sample for approval process

  • Verify factory internal test results
  • Continuity review in correct light source
  • Run cards held on file
  • Fabric inspection ‘using a 4 point inspection system’
  • TMX3 physical tests conducted - GSM
  • Dye batch inspection report signed/approved for bulk cutting

The final goods audit process will follow TMX3 auditing SOP using the clients standard to determine the level.

Factory personnel & the TMX3 auditor will sign off each audit and copies of these reports will be sent to the protocol list within 24 hours this will include the following:  

  • Finished Goods Audit Report / Sizing Report / Inspection Certificate (Passed Audits) / Failed Reports with photographs of defect finding.

TMX3 Auditors will inspect the structural integrity of the container and supervise the loading process to ensure they are loaded to the SOP – Inspection and verification will be sent out  with each container including photographs.


  • Container inspection – fit for transport, security
  • Monitor loading to approved method
  • Container checklist completed (by factory)
  • TMX3 verification of container checklist
  • Partial load container SOP

This assessment enables a first overview of a factory’s set up, performances, and its principal points of compliance with international standards.

The overview evaluates both technical and social aspects, as well as the premises and key safety points. It is a snapshot evaluation which can be carried out in a short time period and which gives a good illustration of factory’s set up and potential weaknesses. 

This first overview can be followed by a thorough audit on either technical or social aspects, depending on the results it brings to light.

TMX3 have extensive experience in the textiles industry and have built a long list of loyal customers over the years. Some of which are shown below